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Project Management

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Project Management is a method of project delivery that oversees the entire project from beginning to end including planning, designing, and construction. It requires specialized project management techniques and obligation by the Construction Manager (CM) to deliver the project within the allocated budget or Guaranteed Maximum Price (GMP).

The Construction Manager is also responsible for handling other aspects of the project such as ensuring public safety, time and cost management, decision-making, plans/drawings, as well as the manpower needed for construction.

NMADES Construction has a proven track record and extensive experience in providing construction services in all three methods of project delivery: General Contracting, Design-Build, and Project Management. We are proud to say that we are an integrated design-build firm with our own in-house architect and drafting department who can provide design services for any of your commercial, industrial, or residential projects.

In addition to these contractor services, we also have our separate division that oversees the design and installation of concrete and pre-fabricated metal buildings. With the help of our tight relationship with leading metal building manufacturers in the country, and our multiple in-house manpower equipped with all the necessary equipment and tools, we can work on any metal building project regardless of its size.

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