General Contracting

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Excellence, quality, and precision – these values are the cornerstone of NMADES Construction. We pride ourselves in delivering beyond our client’s expectations. When you have your architect ready and the masterplan already laid out, all that is left is for us to get the job done. With confidence, we can assure you to give you a seamless and hassle-free construction experience.

The Role of a General Contractor (General Contracting)

The cost of building something, whether residential or commercial, can easily build up and be overwhelming. Thus, it is natural to look where you could cut costs. The idea of cutting down on materials, hired subcontractors, manpower, and even not hiring a general contractor at all, can be appealing for many. However, time and time again has proven this to be more of a problem. Getting a general contractor means you are delegating highly technical tasks to those who are expert at it – saving you valuable time, effort, resources, legal liability, and money in the long run.

Still have doubts? Here are the things you could benefit from if you hire a General Contractor.

Higher Value

It is a well-known fact in the construction industry that a building will have a higher market value if a general contractor managed its construction. General contractors have the knowledge of what strategies will be used in the construction for your building to have a higher value even after many years. This makes it ideal to have a general contracting when building apartments, commercial buildings, hotels, houses, or medical offices that you plan to sell in the future.

Good & High Quality

General contractors know the ins and outs of the construction industry better than anyone else. They know by heart which materials to use for specific project needs and which ones to avoid. However, good quality materials may come at a higher price and might appear as if the general contractor is trying to upsell you. But bear in mind that these materials certainly will last longer and will have lower operations and maintenance costs, saving you more money down the road.

Faster Turnover

Turning your plans into actual concrete buildings is not as simple as it seems. Overseeing the whole project is an extensive and complex process. Trying to navigate this process on your own means you have to multitask and learn new technical skills and information that you may not even be aware of.

General contractors, on the other hand, are already familiar with all the necessary processes such as certifications, building permits, legal requirements, and know-how to look out for possible bumps in the road well ahead of time. It is then reasonable and common sense at this point to hire a general contractor who is well-versed in all the aspects of construction and save yourself a lot of time and possible legal troubles.

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