Construction of 2-Storey Apartment Building

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The construction of 2-storey apartment building project was a design and build type of project. We planned to construct the project phase-by-phase. The phase would start in one unit then work on the rest as phase 2. The aim was to determine the actual construction cost of one unit and then eventually secure the budget for the rest.

Design and Build Project

The concept is to place the project in design and build type project in order to continually see the flow of activities and to avoid extensive delays from outsourcing other companies to do the other part of the job.

  • At NMades Construction, you will feel relaxed in terms of architectural design that you want in your building because we have plenty of designs and experience to gather designs even in international designers., that’s the reason we have this aesthetic and interior design on this project.
  • You are always at home to choose your design, that’s why we’ve arrived on the design of this project. We let the client choose the external & internal designs before we finalize it.
  • After securing the necessary municipality permits then we started the construction of this project.

Plan Preparation

The development of plans were created by our internal experienced staff. At NMADES Construction, you can be sure that plans are created as per your (client) requirements because they are qualified to do their jobs.

Structural Design and Analysis

At NMADES Construction, you are lucky because our CEO is a civil engineer and a structural engineer as well. Every structural design must undergo checking to ensure safety of the structure where he applied on this project. Other than that we have an internal structural engineer and we have consultants who have an international experience that we asked help to ensure accuracy because we believe that “two is better that one.” We used advanced structural design softwares to design this project.

  2. ETABS
  3. STAAD
  4. SAFE

The Construction

We made sure that the depth of the foundation is as per approved structural drawing. The same with the level of foundation as well as the level of the ground floor, we made sure that there will be no issues in the future. We’ve provided experienced staff and site crews to construct this project. Our CEO has over 13 years of work experience in Dubai as an assistant Quality Manager so his advice to his staff is “to ensure the quality of the work to satisfy client requirements.” So in NMADES Construction, you can be sure of a well crafted and well-managed project.


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