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Top 10 Reasons To Live and Retire In Puerto Princesa City, Palawan

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To live in a city on an island with fewer people than the typical metropolis can be a dream to many who aspire for a tranquil way of life. It therefore comes as no surprise why some tourists tend to flock to areas that are less populated but never fall short of the experience that makes for a comfortable and wonderful stay. To live and retire in Puerto Princesa City is recommendable, especially to foreigners or even locals.


Maldives, Mozambique, Mauritius, Seychelles, and Tanzania; Philippines, Indonesia, Thailand, and Malaysia—what do these locations have in common? Apart from being the prime destinations by the majority of readers’ vote, per Conde Nast Traveler, these countries share a commonality of having one of the best islands in the world.


In the Philippines, specifically, one city island stands out as one of the best in the region, going as far back as the 1800s, at a time when the island of Palawan was relatively untouched—Puerto Princesa.


While tourists from around the globe may have heard of Puerto Princesa as a beautiful hotspot for a vacation, others take advantage of the fact that the island-based urban dwelling is also a prime real estate to live in, including the amenities.


Here are the reasons to live and retire in Puerto Princesa City, Philippines, particularly in a place like Puerto Princesa:


1. The weather



As part of a country known only for two seasons—dry and wet—Puerto Princesa is a place that is loved by its weather. In most cases, it is adored by those who prefer its generally temperate climate better than, say, the chills of the winter. For a location that is largely warm year-round, this city certainly lives up to one of the good reasons to live and retire in Puerto Princesa City, Philippines.


2. The low cost of living

We all love the idea of getting more value for our money. If earning a dollar and getting way more from it in the Philippines is not already an epitome of that belief, then what more if you’re in a relatively more affordable place, like Puerto Princesa? According to NUMBEO, the cost of living in Puerto Princesa is “52.93% lower than in Manila,” including rent, which is said to be “74.36% lower”. Does this not make for one of the good reasons to live and retire in Puerto Princesa City, Philippines, especially in Puerto Princesa?


3. Real estate


There is a real estate boom going on in Puerto Princesa right now, which makes it a perfect time to join the trend. While this may imply taking the chance of calling oneself a property owner in Palawan, in another case, it can also mean purely business. Like opting for an investment-type of business, generating good sums in order to sustain the future goal to live and retire in Puerto Princesa City,Philippines.

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4. Building Your Dream Home is Easy (This is one of the reason why it is best to live and retire in Puerto Princesa City)


So, you already owned a property on the city island, but what’s next? Chance is good that you will be leveraging that investment for something meaningful and useful as building a dream house. Fortunately, building the home you have been wishing for is relatively easy in Palawan, especially if you have a trustworthy contractor to do it for you. Certainly, this benefit alone is a reason to live and retire in Puerto Princesa City, Philippines.


5. The old and the new

Puerto Princesa is certainly a city with a rich history. While some things about this urban jungle can never be changed as part of its identity, it is not necessarily immutable to change, as it can adapt to the dynamics. Consequently, this transformation shows how the old and the new could mix seamlessly, as the city embraces change while retaining its originality. If you’re in for experiencing the contemporary, then Puerto Princesa is it—yet, one reason to live and retire in Puerto Princesa City, Philippines.


6. Location

Situated in the western part of the Philippines, Puerto Princesa is not only a perfect location for boats and ships but also for plane travel, too. With direct flights from countries like South Korea and Hong Kong, among others, it is no wonder why tourists from these nations choose to land in Palawan. But the opposite is also true. As such, if you are the type who likes to travel overseas, this makes the city an ideal launchpad for neighboring countries. Yet, another thing to cross out in the list of reasons to live and retire in Puerto Princesa City, Philippines.

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7. Feel at home

Filipinos in general are known for their hospitality and friendliness, and the Palawenos of Puerto Princesa are no exception. If you are looking for a place to not just live in but also learn and experience culture first-hand, it is certainly easier with a community of friendly people. Ever wonder why Puerto Princesa has been seeing a thriving community of expats for years? For this reason, it is a good reason to live and retire in Puerto Princesa City, Philippines.


8. Relaxation at its best


Outside of the hustle and bustle usually found in a busy metropolis, like Cebu or Manila, Puerto Princesa’s relatively smaller population and organized community makes living in it feels more chill. Among other things, this meant no traffic on major roads and not having to force your way into a large gathering in public. But of course, if it is the relaxation that you’re truly after, then the island’s generally idyllic environment alone is more than sufficient to sustain that demand—a good reason to retire and live in the Philippines’ Puerto Princesa, at least.


9. Beaches



Being on an island, there is no mistaking that the city of Puerto Princesa is a place surrounded by beaches, both close and far. And by beaches, we mean the kind that gives you a slice of heaven on Earth, as seen by its powdery white sands, bright and colorful foliage, and clear, tranquil waters. Worthy of note are White Beach, Sombrero Beach, Paglaum Beach, Puting Buhangin Beach, Matahum Beach, Pristine Beach, San Rafael Beach, Snake Island Beach, Nagtabon Beach, Sabang Beach, Talaudyong Beach, Tagkawayan Beach and so much more. If you love being on the shore, even more reason for you to want to live and retire in Puerto Princesa City, Philippines.

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10. Breathtaking Islands


 As an archipelago, the Philippines does not fall short of the islands that make up its entire structure. The island of Palawan is certainly a part of that and has its own smaller islands surrounding it, too. From Pandan Island, Snake Island, Luli Island, and Dos Palmas in Honda Bay to the Rita Islands in Ulugan Bay, to the Skyline in Sabang Bay, the region has plenty to offer for a satisfying island-hopping encounter.


Whether for its quaint weather, low cost of living, availability of real estate, or overall quality of living, Puerto Princesa is undoubtedly on top of everybody’s list as an ideal place to live and retire in Puerto Princesa City, Philippines.

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