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7 Qualities of a Good General Contractor

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Whether you are trying to build a complex commercial project or a simple residential undertaking, it takes a responsible and reliable overseeing entity—that is, a good general contractor—to ensure that the endeavor is meeting expectations.

Smaller projects can use the guidance of any governing body with enough expertise in the trade, that is, subcontractors. However, bigger projects, such as the aforementioned, require something more encompassing and rigid in addition to possessing the right understanding of the business—that is, a good general contractor.


Being able to take into account all the responsibilities and being dependable enough to see a big project through from start to finish successfully are certainly crucial elements that make a good general contractor. But other considerations are also worthy of note.

1. Has Government Permits

No entity in the Philippines can operate as a contractor in the real estate or construction space without government permits such as mayor’s permit, DTI, Barangay Permit, and other related government permits, and for a good reason. That is, to ensure that said entity possesses the right capacity to function in its intended role. Lacking this basic requirement should give anybody a warning sign that such an entity is not licensed, which suggests a lack of compliance with established guidelines, including especially safety—contrasting that of a good general contractor.

2. Must Be Trustworthy

Getting something literally from the ground up is a large commitment that separates the experts of esoteric knowledge of construction from the lay individuals. But for something that involves and demands the expertise of people in various fields, it is a feat that is fundamentally possible only with trust. And for a supervising body that is tasked with seeing a project from the start to the end (good general contractor), trustworthiness is a big factor that cannot be underestimated in getting it through.

3. Has Integrity

Reputation can certainly precede a firm but it takes honesty and a good moral principle to consider a good general contractor. A good instance of an honest and morally upright general contractor is one that does not over-charge their customer and can be held on their promise about the project. And while mistakes are still common in building projects, they nevertheless take immediate action to address any fault that may arise.

4. Is Innovative

Most construction projects adhere to the same tried-and-true methods of seeing them through. There is nothing inherently wrong with this practice, especially if it gets the job done with consistency. But this should not hinder any or all possibilities of breaking grounds. While more of an option than a strict requirement, a good general contractor is also not afraid of pushing the envelope from what is customary and bringing life to methodologies that either improve upon existing practices or pave the way to new ones.

5. Has Respect

A good general contractor that respects the project and its client will do everything in its power to ensure that objectives are being met throughout its development. Additionally, this also suggests that the general contractor does not take advantage of any situation that puts its interest atop that of the client or the undertaking. Above all else, the general contractor puts what is best for the big task at hand as a sign of respect to the client and everything that the endeavor represents.

6. Aims for Relationship

Although most projects are typically a one-time deal, which restricts any long-term business relationship, a good general contractor sees the encounter as a chance to establish a more meaningful bond between two business units, themselves included. This meant that even though a project is already a done deal, a general contractor also has eyes for future undertakings with the previous business partner. The notion is more than just about securing future profits, though, but rather the care that comes with maintaining a good relationship with a partner in the business.

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7. Ensures Quality Management

We have already established how a general contractor is essential throughout the many stages of the development of a construction project. For something so critical in the quality of the outcome, it takes an entity with a strong presence and a meticulous eye for detail to see the progress of the project in every phase. When everything ultimately comes into place through small and consistent efforts, quality management is paramount for a good general contractor to have in guaranteeing the successful completion of the building project.

It can be a great venture to bring a large construct from nothing into this world. Not only does it take large sums to accomplish, but it also takes serious time and commitment, too—all of which could be jeopardized if handled by the wrong people. For something that is largely an end-all and be-all in the trade, it pays to have the right experts on the job, which happens by choosing not to compromise on what are the ideal set of traits that a handy business partner—or a good general contractor— should have.

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