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7 Advantages on Working with a Legitimate Contractor in Building Your Project

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In today’s business world involving construction, there are many contractors that exist, some of which with questionable legitimacy. So the “7 advantages on working with a legitimate contractor in building your project” should be considered. There are thousands upon thousands, maybe even going for the millions, that have been losing money due to the mistake of selecting a non-legitimate contractor.

In this article, I am going to share with you the benefits that come with being in partnership with a legitimate contractor in building your project—may it be your dream home or simply any other plan that you want to build on.



As such, here are the 7 advantages on working with legitimate contractor in building your project.

1. Your Project Will Complete Smoothly

If you are working with legitimate contractor, there will be no worries. Because a bona fide contractor has the credentials needed to operate as a business, like permits and/or local government unit licenses. It means that they are legally bound to fulfill their end of the deal as a contractor, ultimately leading to the completion of any project.

2. You are not throwing money in the mud

You are sure that you are not just throwing your money when working with legitimate contractors because it’s their integrity, qualification, and professionalism that are at stake.

Often, a seasoned contractor has a vast portfolio before they could dive into the contracting business, essentially as a requirement. This level of expertise allows them to handle whatever problems that require solutions are at hand.

I once saw a proposal of a foreman on a post on Facebook. The project was a 3-storey office building with a 300 square meters area.

Conspicuously coming from a non-legitimate contractor, he proposed it like this:

“Hiring an engineer will trap you in an expensive project, we can do that at an extremely low price. Just give us 50% down payment and we will solve your problem.”

See, how tempting those words are? Not knowing how a legitimate contractor works, you might be tempted to grab the offer and eventually lose money in the process. Why? Because there is a good chance that it was deliberately intended to be a scummy deal—likely, leaving it half-finished and rather poorly and not bother offering to finish it because of sub-par output.

And this is only speaking of the “better-case scenario” as there’s also the likelihood that said “contractor” is a total scam and will not make further contact upon you paying the upfront payment.

But please note, that we are telling this for those non-straight foremen but for those fair foremen then we appreciate them.

3. Cost-efficient

A legit contractor will suggest whichever way is cheaper but will not sacrifice the quality of the project in the proposition. This all boils down to having the experience and insight about the true nature of construction-building.

One example of this is when a client and I had a conversation about building her dream home, which she demanded to be built with wood columns. Knowing it better, I countered the suggestion by citing issues that come with using a certain kind of wood as a material.

Sure, a wooden material may be cheaper overall; but it will not be as longer-lasting as a more solid material, like concrete or steel, which conversely would only cause her additional expenses down the road when problems arise.

4. Avoid headache

When working with a legitimate contractor, you can expect to keep unnecessary headaches at bay. This comes partially true because real contractors are typically equipped with the right set of manpower that guarantee quality work. In addition, they have the right commitment to every project they handle, even if issues like delays and deficits are inevitable in the picture that themselves require solving.

5. You will have peace of mind

A legit contractor’s vast experience give them the acumen to discern what best strategy to employ in completing a project on time. Furthermore, they have enough equipment and budget that support the project from the beginning up to its final completion.

6. You will likely save money (the best of all Advantages on Working with a Legitimate Contractor)

Even though most employers pay legitimate contractor more per hour of work than they might pay direct-hire workers on the same job, it usually eventually ends up costing the client more. When you hire a worker, you will need to pay lots of expenses that you would otherwise not have to cover with a contractor, which includes employer-provided benefits, workplace cost, and equipment.

You’ll also have to make required obligations and contributions with respect to your employees, including your share of the employee’s Social Security and Medicare taxes, which totals 7.65% of the employee’s compensation condition unemployment compensation insurance, and the compensation insurance itself.

Altogether, these expenses can simply boost your payroll costs by 20% to 30% more, or worse.

7. Your project is safe and successful

Attention to detail is one of the hallmarks of a truly experienced and real contractor. This meant that what you get as a final output is a total representation of what appears in the blueprint, which would ideally encompass both safety and aesthetics.

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At NMADES Construction, we assure you the 7 advantages of working with a legitimate contractor. Do not hesitate to contact us or request a quote. If you have questions, you can email us at [email protected] or message us at our Facebook messenger.

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