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10 Causes of Headaches You Can Avoid When a General Contractor Undertakes Your Project

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History has shown us time and again the tragedy that comes concerning man-made blunders that are essentially underpinned by poor design choices and a lack of respect for established engineering practices, which alone serves as the perfect ingredient for a mishap and commonly that might be the source of causes of headaches in building a home or a project.


Take, for example, the disaster that was the Sampoong Department Store of 1995 in South Korea, which claimed the lives of several hundreds of individuals while leaving nearly a thousand injured when the mixed-use building collapsed due to bad construction and utter negligence.



But that is not nearly as bad as the Savar Building in Dhaka, Bangladesh in 2013 when the garment factory fell into pieces and killed more than a thousand people while leaving over two thousand others with injuries because of a similar fault as the previous, albeit with greater casualties.


Though those are great examples, the same could also happen to relatively smaller-scale projects, too, like homes.


Yet, why go through such causes of headaches when building a home when it can be avoided by simply having the right partner to work with the project, which is the General Contractor?


1. When Developing the Plans for Your House or Project

It is easy for a client to fall into the trap of taking the lead in planning a house or a project, oftentimes with the aid of draftsmen who would do the full spectrum of the creative works on their behalf, which includes the architecture, structure, electrical, and plumbing plans. While this shows good initiative, in reality, finding such capable people is often difficult.


But why go through the trouble of looking for the manpower yourself, as the client, when there is a good General Contractor that already has the entire manpower needed to do the job? As such, saving you from one of the causes of headaches in building a home.


2. When Applying for the Building Permit Application

No construction project, especially if commercial by nature, ever gets done without the approval of the local government unit that has jurisdiction over the site, often signified with the issuance of a building permit. Although the process of getting a building permit has always been streamlined, it is still a process that demands certain requirements before getting approved.


General Contractors make the process of getting a building permit easier through sheer reputation paired with having the right connections in the trade, while simultaneously saving you from one of the causes of headaches in building a home.


3. Managing the Construction

So, you have gotten past the hurdle of getting a building permit, which permits you to start the project. But while that notion may be a sigh of relief for a client, the real project has not started until everything about it is panned out, beginning from the designing phase. This is a big part of the project and oftentimes comes with plenty of headaches if not smooth-running, which would be a typical problem for the inexperienced.


Yet, again, this is an issue that is easily circumvented by having a vetted General Contractor conduct the heavy lifting of the entire undertaking, essentially saving you from one of the causes of headaches in building a home.

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4. Buying materials

While the client generally has the power to choose which materials to use for the project, procuring the essential materials to get the project going is not necessarily as simple as picking the most affordable. Even then, the task of acquiring the materials can be time-consuming.


Yet, why would the client shoulder this burden when there is a capable General Contractor that can decide on the best possible materials and where to source them at the behest of the client? Doing so will certainly save you from one of the causes of headaches in building a home.


5. Supervising the work of site crews

Having to oversee a project that often takes months at a time to accomplish is a task that is rife with issues that are at times best handled by those experienced enough to manage them. Although the client can do this, in many cases, it takes patience.


It is never easy to handle people, especially in the business of constructing buildings, and is, therefore, best delegated to someone who truly knows how to handle the task at any point—ideally, the General Contractor—thus, saving you from one of the causes of headaches in building a home.


6. Implementation of house plans

Having a well-laid-out plan to kickstart the project is one thing about the construction business. Having the know-how to read such plans and conduct pertinent actions toward their eventual implementation is another. Unless the client is privy to doing so, this activity is always especially done by people who have the skills and knowledge.


Leaving it to the General Contractor and its experienced people is highly encouraged to give them full awareness and control of the will-be-developing project while saving you from one of the causes of headaches in building a home.

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7. Weather especially the rainy season

Like in any other project, there is always a degree of uncertainty when dealing with fieldwork. Although there are months of the year when a specific atmospheric condition is expected to appear, at times, there may be anomalies that defy common expectations.


When things of this sort do happen, it can be a pain to leave the project hanging on a particular day, but this is a decision that must be made. The client would do best to leave this decision to the General Contractor, if possible, to save them from one of the causes of headaches in building a home.

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8. Recording the worker’s daily time

Not many people like the idea of micromanaging others, but for a project that pays a daily wage given a set of hours in a day, keeping a close look at the working hours of the workers is essential. Yet, again, this is also what a client may do.


But why carry that weight when the General Contractor is fully capable of the feat? The client will not only save themselves the time of having to micromanage but also from one of the causes of headaches in building a home, too.


9. Bale or Cash Advance of workers

Workers in the construction trade are willing to do almost everything required of them, so long as they are getting paid. At times, workers may demand cash advance payments out of dire need. Having to deal with financial matters with the workforce can be headache-inducing if you, as a client, are not used to it.


Again, you could always leave this kind of dealing with the General Contractor, saving you from one of the causes of headaches in building a home.


10. Application for the Occupancy permit

Clients who are new to the business may be unaware that the business demands more than just a single permit aside from the Building Permit. And yes, it refers to the other permit needed before the established building could be occupied—the Occupancy Permit.

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Yet, once more, this is also a requirement that is easily gotten by an establishment that is already established in the trade—the General Contractor. Save yourself time and effort, not to mention one of the causes of headaches in building a home, by leaving this task to them as well.


With all that being said, at the end of the day, all the client would want is to get their project done while at the same time saving themselves from some of the common causes of headaches in building a home. In other words, it is all about the ease and convenience that comes with practically finding a good General Contractor to call as a business partner in the project.

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